One of the reasons that people sometimes think is behind addiction is self-absorption. But is this actually true? There is actually been a fair amount of research to look into this question. What scientists have found is that self-centeredness is often a characteristic of people that are prone to addiction. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that self-centeredness is the actual cause of an addiction.

People in Alcoholics Anonymous will tell you that addiction isn’t caused by anything except genetics. They view addiction in the same way that they view cancer – an illness that some people get and some people do not. The difference between the two is that most people seek out treatment for their cancer while those suffering with an addiction do not, either because they do not want to stop using drugs or alcohol or because they consider it a personal weakness rather than a disease.

Is Self-Centeredness the Root Cause of your Addiction?

It is true that addiction can make you more self-centered and selfish. It can make you care very little for everything except your next drink or bout of drug use. But that does not mean that self-centeredness causes addiction. There are people out there that are self-centered and very self-absorbed that are not addicted to drugs or alcohol – or anything.

However, one thing that you should keep in mind is that people who suffer from addiction often suffer from mental illness as well. For example, many people who are depressed or have other mental problems have a propensity for addiction. In some cases, this is self-medication. There is no doubt that certain aspects of personality can contribute to addictive behavior, but the claim of some that self-centeredness is the root cause of addiction is simply not true. Addiction is a disease like any other disease.


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