“My biggest fear in trying to get sober was thinking I’d never have fun again, that I would just never even laugh again.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.”

Prog Advantages

Why this may be a program for you:

  • Give your family peace while you get help
  • Powerful results when combined with AA/NA, etc
  • Blocks cravings and ‘pleasure effects’ throughout early months, when most setbacks occur
  • By completing the entire 12-month program and staying active in recovery, about 80% remain sober
  • Integrate your therapy real-time, in real-life–unlike in the artificial ‘cocoon’ of residential treatment
  • Continue working, living at home, daily routines
  • Work with people who have been where you are, recovered and help you to do the same
  • Receive 12 months of personalized counseling, certified peer support & recovery coaching
  • Overcome the major barrier to effective therapy in early recovery: the uncontrollable urges to use
  • 1/2 the cost of a standard inpatient program

What you can do to make this work:

  • Check your ego at the door
  • Do what those who have recovered suggest
  • Scrap your idea of what recovery ‘should be like’
  • Put your recovery FIRST in your life
  • Get brutally honest with yourself, no more bullshit
  • Surround yourself with those who support you 100%
  • You reach out at the first sign of wobbling
  • Be COMPLETELY SELFISH about your program
  • Go to ANY LENGTHS for your recovery