BioCorRx Program Introduction

Before moving into the approach to treatment, let’s first get a clear idea of how BioCorRx views the phenomena of Addiction/Alcoholism in its most general form:

With this understanding, we can now move on to the specifics…

The BioCorRx Approach

The BioCorRx® Recovery Program is a comprehensive Outpatient Treatment using non-addictive Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). The MAT concept is explained in depth in later sections.

The two dynamics of the program are:
1) Medicine: A revolutionary Naltrexone implant
2) Multi-phase Outpatient Treatment: Cognitive/behavioral therapy, solution-oriented counseling, and 24/7 remote Recovery Support Specialist (RSS) care

Typically completed within 90-180 days, the therapy/counseling dynamic of the program blends within the framework of your everyday life and is followed by 12 months of peer-support (RSS) after care for a total of 18 months.
This cutting-edge, proven, and effective treatment modality is available to consumers via select independent practitioners.

The BioCorRx Program

“The comprehensive BioCorRx® Recovery Program blends aggressive medical management in the form of a minimally invasive procedure, involving the subcutaneous insertion of specially compounded implants (pellets) which contain the FDA approved medication naltrexone, combined with customized, structured, and focused one-on-one medication-assisted treatment counseling sessions, specific to naltrexone treatment.

Naltrexone is an opioid antagonist that removes the “pleasure feelings” in the brain that respond to opioids and alcohol when consumed. Once implanted just beneath the skin in the lower abdominal area, the completely biodegradable naltrexone implant slowly releases the drug into the body over several months and eliminates or significantly reduces the cravings for drugs and alcohol in most people. It can also block the effects of some drugs. Program participants have reported minimal to no physical discomfort during the procedure. The procedure requires only local anesthetic and typically takes less than 20-30 minutes to perform.

More importantly, within hours of receiving the naltrexone implant, participants have reported feeling complete freedom from drug and alcohol cravings. Many have reported returning to work the same day.

Depending on the treating physician, participants may typically return weekly for 5-6 weeks for follow-up well checks/incision inspection. Some consumers may require longer term medical care depending on individual situations.

Next, BioCorRx® developed a 16-session counseling program identifying 35 key areas essential to early treatment in Substance Use Disorders. Delivered through comprehensive modules, these 35 key concepts include specific instructions which address often unidentified key components essential to behavioral change in Substance Use Disorders. Written by addiction experts with decades of combined experience, the program is specifically for use with those being treating with sustained released naltrexone. Credentialed addiction counselors meet certain criteria before they are trained and certified in the BioCorRx® Counseling Program. Participants generally complete their 16 counseling sessions within 90 days of receiving the implant.

Additionally, BioCorRx® has expanded the support structure to include 12 months of a peer-support system utilizing trained recovery specialists usually matched to the consumer based on age, gender, etc. Typically, soon after the counseling modules begin, the patient is ready to enter the Recovery Support Specialist (RSS) portion of the program. This support segment, when implemented, includes very convenient weekly or bi-monthly interaction via telephone for over 12 months. In most cases, there is a period of overlap with counseling and RSS care occurring simultaneously.

This combined approach results in a comprehensive recovery program designed to pro-actively support the recovering individual’s journey for around 18 months (assuming completion of aftercare program).”

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service (HHS) and their 2006 ‘COMBINE’ study – (Combining Medications and Behavioral Interventions for Alcoholism) – the best outcomes in naltrexone therapy are a result of receiving naltrexone along with sixteen weeks of outpatient behavioral-modification counseling.

The BioCorRx® Recovery Program, in compliance with NIAAA and HHS guidelines, has expanded on this cutting-edge concept.

What makes BioCorRx superior?

Unlike most traditional recovery programs which invest the first 30-90 treatment days in assisting a patient to deal with the physical cravings of addiction, BioCorRx® Program participants are typically absent the physical cravings on day one, and thus can focus clearly without distraction on the information, concepts, change, and education presented in the 16 session counseling program to learn and implement unrealized coping strategies and healthy behaviors.

The implant used in the BioCorRx® Program tends to last longer than others available in the U.S. as evidenced by clinical outcomes (time lengths vary depending on the individual).

Other naltrexone implant providers tend to simply perform the procedure and do not include a structured naltrexone early-recovery focused counseling program. Those that do include programs tend to offer life coaching only referring patients to outside centers with no continuity of care or follow-up.

No other recovery programs of which we are aware provide 16-20 sessions of MAT counseling, 12 months of unlimited Recovery Support via certified Peer Support Specialists and 24/7 Sobriety Coaching (from Day 1).

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