I am a former law enforcement officer and went through a lot of really heavy stuff, and I turned to to alcohol to escape all my issues. I really just shut down and used alcohol to cope with pretty much everything in life after awhile. I went through two inpatient programs and an intensive outpatient but they just didn’t seem to stick. I was ok for awhile and then it was just too easy to go back to my old self. My wife saw I Got Sober online and actually made the appointment for me and from the first meeting with Leo I knew this program was different and I actually had a different type of hope than I’d had, cos I didn’t think there was any real hope any more. He understood in a way nobody really had before about alcoholism, at least for me.

I got the procedure with the implant not too long after and it really was something else in giving me a freedom from that devil that controlled me for so long. It was weird not even really wanting to drink. But it was the people that I have worked with in the program that have helped me to where I am now, almost a year sober and I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt this good and confident about being who I am. I can’t ever say never but I can tell anybody who will listen that this program has given me a new life. It may not be for everybody but it damn sure has been the game changer for me and my family. If you are struggling you owe it to yourself and your family to get help. This was the help I needed that’s for sure.