The decision to reach out for help is hard, embarrassing, and extremely difficult. When I was introduced to Leo, he immediately took me under his care and has been devoted to my recovery ever since. Working with IGotSober is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Leo helped me find the right resources for medical care that immediately sent my road to recovery in the right direction.

I’ve been to rehab, outpatient therapy, countless meetings and met with many therapists. There is something unique and special about a man who has experienced the deep depths of addiction and is now walking the walk of recovery. He is a living example of how wonderful recovery can be.

Throughout this journey, Leo has been instrumental in helping with my day to day struggles. When we first met in person, I was extremely sick in a hotel. My journey has been positive ever since!

Leo knows what to say, understands, and does not judge. He has been there. He answers my calls, checks on me, and responds even when he is not obligated to do so.

His life’s mission is to help others. He is more than just a therapist or a doctor. He and his team have helped me tremendously. He will always be on my team and my forever friend.

Making the call for help is hard. But I am here to say that it is worth it. You are worth it. Make the call and get IGotSober on your side. You will not regret it.