This program has really been working great for me. I was in and out of AA for over 5 years and maybe I just wasn’t ‘ready’ as we say in recovery. I know people get sober going to meetings but it just wasn’t me. Actually a lot of meetings I went to I’d wind up drinking afterward, and I know I’m responsible for my actions but I’m just saying. And honestly it made me question myself as if I can ever stop drinking, and this fear just made things worse.  I’ve been in the I Got Sober Program for about 6 months now and I really can’t remember the last time things have felt this right in my life, especially my marriage. I can actually look my husband in the eyes and feel like I’m me when I do, that hasn’t happened in a long time. The lies have stopped and that may be the greatest thing that has happened, I’m able to be honest! The implant definitely helped (it is just a tool as they’ll tell you but it works) and allowed me to really get my feet under me for the first time in ages it seems like. Working with Leo, Jennifer and Aaron is what has helped me in ways I’d never seen coming before. It feels like for the first time in my life the pieces are actually falling into place in my life which has really been a puzzle since I don’t know when. I’ve been through a an awful lot and realize I brought most of it on from my drinking and my decisions. The changes I’ve been making have been difficult at first but it seems that in no time I can’t believe I didn’t make them before.  I guess I just never thought they would matter, but they do, and being high on life is true! Anyway I know it’s still early (Leo says we’re always early in recovery ;-)) but if these past months are any idea of what I’m capable of doing with my sobriety than I only get more excited knowing I’m doing the right things to make it happen. If you’ve tried to quit before and you just can’t keep it going, the I Got Sober Program really does give you an entire new way of living. You have to make the changes in your life but if you do, I’m living proof your life can turn around. They really do care about me and have been available for me during my roughest times as I grow, not just during our face to face time. I’ve had some big lights go on from just our phone talks. You have to want recovery and if you do, you’ll get all the support and help you can ever want in the I Got Sober Program, the implant is just the start. I plan on doing another testimonial when I hit my one year mark, but I’ve made it this far and so can you if sobriety is the most important thing!