I am honored to give my recommendation to those considering “I Got Sober” and sincerely hope this helps others. I knew immediately I had found the program for me the first time I spoke to Leo, because he had been through it. There was no BS and it was just an open and honest discussion from the heart, and something about it just told me he ‘got me’ in a way nobody else had. He hit me with the truth in a way I’d never really heard before, and it gave me hope right then and there. This was a life-saving opportunity for sobriety for me, and I have tried just about everything and for years. Their perspective and approach to the problem of addiction really works. The entire team who helped me really, really cared. Alcoholics and addicts (same thing) need understanding and compassion and when you’re working with someone who has been through the “meat grinder” themselves and recovered, it can make all the difference in the world, at least it has for me.

The program is multi-dimensional. It combines medical care for detox and the medical implant (it really works), and more importantly counseling and recovery coaching that really spoke to me and to assure a real chance for recovery. The program is outpatient, which was important for me as I have my own private law practice. I could not commit to treatment that took me away from my job and my family. And I have learned that getting sober can really only happen as we face life and its challenges each and every day, living “life on life’s terms” as they say, learning what real change actually means and seeing slowly and surely how my life has improved in ways I didn’t know could ever happen for me.

I lapsed after many years of sobriety and getting sober was much more than ‘a challenge’.  I was glad to have the support of “I Got Sober” with this difficult time. Despite the fact that my recovery was not a straight line the folks from “I Got Sober” stayed by my side and gave me so much of their time and understanding. I highly recommend if you really do want to free yourself from addiction that you consider this program. But beware, if you’re not truly ready to make the necessary changes in your life, you are still fooling yourself. If you are truly ready, I don’t think there is a more effective program anywhere.