One of the things that you might hear from alcoholics and addicts once in a while is that they are functional. What this is intended to mean is that even though they might accept that they are addicted to drugs or alcohol, they are still able to live their lives just fine.

What the deeper meaning happens to be is that they believe that their addiction is not a problem. For many addicts and alcoholics, if they are able to continue to work in their job without any problems and make money, they are not actually alcoholics and drug addicts in the conventional sense – they are functional instead; and so have an excuse to continue the behavior.

The Fallacy of the Functional Alcoholic or Addict

But what you have to understand is that alcoholism and addiction is a disease. Whether or not you are gainfully employed or whether or not you are able to pay your bills on time has nothing to do with whether you have the disease. If you had cancer, being able to hold down a job while you got your chemotherapy and radiation treatments would have nothing to do with how likely you were to recover from cancer or how serious the disease was.

Major Fallacy

This is a major fallacy with those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. The fact that you are able to maintain a normal life does not mean that you are not suffering from addiction. If you are still drinking or using drugs, then you are still an addict. Whether you are functional or not has nothing to do with it. Drug addicts and alcoholics still need to get help if they are addicted to the substances – no matter how much they are able to live their life with the façade of normalcy.


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