If you’re reading this, please know that we get it, truly. The work of caring for a loved one struggling with addiction can make you feel utterly powerless. But hanging in there with a user who needs your support is half the battle. We know that staying free of alcohol, opioids, or other painkillers can be a near impossible task without the support of friends and family. We also know that there’s a powerful treatment option on the market that can drastically improve the chances of success in recovery.

That get your attention? We thought so. And before we go into the specifics, please remember that this isn’t a cure-all, nor is it snake oil. Any form of outpatient addiction treatment or outpatient alcohol treatment requires hard work from the user and their support team to make real, lasting change. But if you’re looking for an awesome way to supercharge that work and see real results? Consider Medication Assisted Treatment.

The Power of MAT for Getting—and Staying—Sober

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) refers to the use of targeted medication to stop the physical cravings that create the debilitating obsession to drink or drug in early recovery. While there are many forms of MAT out there, we think that using the FDA Approved, non-narcotic, non-addictive Naltrexone pellet is a must-consider option.

Say what now? Put simply: this treatment includes the insertion of a small 100% biodegradable pellet just below the skin that slowly delivers medicine into the user’s system and medically removes the desire to drink and use for months. When incorporated into a comprehensive outpatient treatment program with intensive, personalized therapy and counseling, MAT is proving to be one of the most successful options for recovery available.
MAT works because it allows your friend or family member a chance to break free from that little voice inside their head urging them to drink or use dangerous drugs like heroin, oxycodone, hydrocodone, or OxyContin. MAT eliminates cravings, which means that the user can focus on the real work of getting sober—building their coping skills, establishing new patterns, and making amends to those who care for them.

Why Community Support Still Matters for Recovery with MAT

Despite the real power that MAT can bring to someone seeking alcoholism help or assistance with an opioid addiction, it’s clear that users need plenty of face-to-face time with people who care to truly recover.
Our program removes the financial and logistical burden of a 30 or 60 day inpatient program, while still providing ample support to your loved one.  Each person we treat receives 16 sessions of 1:1 progressive counseling, and up to 12 months of expert, certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists. This intensive support allows you to be a friend, parent, or spouse instead of having to be an ad hoc sobriety coach 24/7. We give the user specialized support from trained staff who understand just how to deal with the ups and downs of early recovery.

We’ve found that it’s critical to have on-call Sobriety Coaching from the team at igotsober. These people will become true friends—they are the folks who have made a full recovery, and then made it their life’s passion to help others do the same.

You don’t need to shoulder the burden of supporting someone in early recovery all alone. Help someone you love get real help—through a combination of MAT, intensive outpatient support, and a growing community of real people experiencing real healing and recovery.
Contact us today at www.igotsober.com/contact  or 402.552.8890 to learn more about how we’re helping people every day in the Omaha, Nebraska community, and become a part of a real success story.