The holidays can be a particularly difficult time for people new to recovery. Especially when old family traditions still exist, and you have started to develop new and healthier ones.

It can be difficult for family members or friends to understand that you can’t join the family for Christmas dinner this year because it raises bad memories or that being near alcohol is just too triggering for you at this point in your recovery. Sometimes, the hardest thing about sober celebrations is feeling like you are alone.

Steps To Stay Sober During The Holidays

Don’t be discouraged; you are not alone. Even though the holidays might be a tough time for you, there are steps you can take to stay sober.

Create a Plan

If you know that you are going to be around family members, friends, or colleagues that will trigger you to drink, plan ahead. You can create a relapse prevention map that you can refer to throughout the event. Having a plan can help you feel confident in your choice not to drink.

Take a sober friend

Make sure you go to the party with someone who understands your sobriety and wants to see you succeed. The last thing you want to do is to attend a party with a former drinking buddy who after a few drinks of their own might egg you on to go ahead and have that one glass of wine or take that shot.

Avoid H.A.L.T. – Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired

If you are hungry, get something to eat. If you are angry, talk to somebody about it. Feeling lonely? Go to a meeting or call a friend. If you are tired, get a good night’s sleep.

Keep a drink in your hand

If you are early into your recovery, you may feel uncomfortable turning people down for drinks, especially if you were always known to accept. Make sure to prepare your own non-alcoholic drink and have it on you at all times. This not only ensures that people will be less likely to offer you alcohol, but you will be in control of what you’re drinking.

Have an exit strategy

There’s no reason to pass on all the holiday fun if you’re new in sobriety, but you do need to have a way out should you start to feel uncomfortable. Now that we have Uber and other easy ways to catch a ride, you won’t have to ever be stuck. The key here is that if you start to feel like you might just want to have a drink—Leave!

Always Remember

The holidays aren’t a good excuse to drink. They are a great excuse to spend time with family and friends and spread holiday cheer. Keep your sobriety as a priority, and it will always be safe. Also, if you are honest with the people around you, they can help support you.


We use Naltrexone pellet to help with recovery. It not only stops that overpowering ‘need’ for alcohol that keeps us locked in the cycle of alcoholism, but it blocks the ‘pleasure effect’ as well.

The Four Cornerstones of the BioCorRx Recovery Program:

  1. A safe, 100% biodegradable Naltrexone pellet implant (lasts about 6 months, individual results vary)
  2. 1:1 Counseling (16-20 sessions) to complete our proprietary Recovery Program
  3. 12 months of Recovery Coaching (structured and as-needed)
  4. 12 months of Peer Recovery Support with a certified specialist (structured and as-needed)


√ Safely eliminates/reduces the powerful urges & cravings to drink
√ Blocks the ‘pleasure effects’ from alcohol
√ A comprehensive, proven 35-Point Recovery Program
√ Continue working, living at home while you recover
√ Safe, near painless procedure, takes about 15 minutes
√ FDA-approved Naltrexone: Non-narcotic, Non-addictive
√ Recovery rates far superior to Inpatient/12 Step Programs
√ Relapses/Binges highly unlikely with the Naltrexone implant

We believe in this approach because we’ve seen the amazing results. If you want to get alcohol out of your life at the deepest level of your being, and you are honestly willing to do the work in the program, you can recover, really, you can! Give us a call for any questions.