Blacking Out

It is a period of alcohol-induced amnesia in which the person actively engaging in some different activities such as:

  • talking
  • walking
  • singing but doesn’t remember even doing so

Blacking out involves memory loss due to alcohol or drug abuse, taking up an abusive amount of what is beyond the limitation of a person. It is usually associated with binge drinking, which means the consumption of an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time.

Alcohol Blacking Out And The Dangers

Blacking out may not mean the person will become unconscious just like those who fell asleep. Instead, they continue to interact with others and engage in a certain activity which has the potential to be very dangerous. Drunk people are more likely to injure themselves and may experience passing out due to the excessive quantity of alcohol in the body which could lead to choking on vomit, head injury, or alcohol poisoning. They may also experience seizures with a high amount of alcohol in the body. Heavy alcohol consumption, if it’s routinely can be associated with brain damage as well as to several organs in the body. During this state, you may experience difficulty in walking, talking, standing, impaired judgment and impaired vision.

Have you ever experience waking up confused, recollecting what happened last night and wondering did you got home after a night out drinking? Your memory has swiped away most of your last night’s memory.

Alcohol interferes

With a clearheaded mind, memories are formed after sensory input is processed in short-term memory. Excessive alcohol consumption can trigger a chemical reaction in the brain that destructs and prevents the brain from making new memories. Alcohol interferes with neurons, the receptors in the brain that carry signals. The brain continues to process information but is incapable of forming new memories when a person is totally blacked out.

Listed below are the two alcohol-caused distinctive forms of blackouts:

  1. Complete Blackout (En Block)
    It involves total memory loss of events until the body’s memory processing returns. A memory may not be recalled or retrieved in any way or any under circumstances.
  2. Partial Blackout (Fragmentary or Partial memory loss)
    It involves partial memory loss in which memories can be recovered or retrieved when being triggered by certain gestures or cues.

Due to a very high level of intoxication needed to experience a blackout, the mind consciousness, decision-making and other psychological processed are very much impaired during this period, depending on how much alcohol the person drank and disoriented the person is functioning. During a blackout, an individual is capable of participating in salient-emotionally-charging events that could lead them to the hype of uncontrollable emotions but will have no recollection of what has happened.

A person under the influence of alcohol is engaging in an extremely dangerous situation as they may attempt to drive which could lead to serious legal consequences or worse:

  • death due to drunk-driving
  • have unsafe or non-consensual sex
  • vandalizing property
  • perform other risky behaviors that can lead to harmful and potentially life-threatening situations


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