In the beginning I never saw my drug use as a problem, or for a second thought I was a drug addict. Then tragedy struck…death with loved ones up and close.I moved back home from school. With work and a steady income came the money to buy drugs and alcohol. The beginning of burying all the pain that was locked up inside. Just when I thought my life was bad and I was done with everything, my addiction was at the beginning stage of total destruction. It was the day I was introduced to my first opiate. Commonly known as a “painkiller”. And the first time I used “killing the pain” is what it did, inside and out…this was the “escape” I was looking for. My life was self-destructing rapidly. I tried quitting cold turkey more than 30 times and failed. Trying to deal with the responsibility of maintaining life on top of withdrawal symptoms I just couldn’t seem to get clean. I tried wholeheartedly 4 in-patient stays. Nothing seemed to work no matter what I tried. It was time to find a new way. I needed a program that would offer real help but not also put my life on halt. The I Got Sober Recovery Program did exactly that…it’s one of a kind that literally met my every need. I have fought the war and made it… Where there is life, there is hope I promise. To read his story in full: Click Here