Recovery Team

About Us Leo Allison

Leo Allison

Founder/Recovery Coach

Hi, I’m Leo. Having gone to hell and back (an epic understatement), three inpatient programs (none of which ‘worked’), multiple DUI’s, numerous hospital visits, near financial collapse, a divorce and (most importantly) having hurt deeply those I love the most, I tapped out and became truly ready. FINALLY, after years of putting myself through the meat grinder (what we all must go through to be truly ‘ready’), I wanted recovery within every fiber of my being…yet I was scared sh*tless that I would not be able to break free no matter what I did.

Never in a million years did I ever imagine I’d be ‘that guy’, and no words can describe the desperation, fear and soul-shaking terror.  But, this is the best thing that can happen; it signals the beginning of the end! Nothing, and I mean nothing, happens before brutal, uncompromising self-honesty and a willingness ‘to go to any lengths’ to recover. When I arrived at this point, the Universe did its thing and started helping me because I started helping myself. The right people with the right message began showing up at the right time. I then started doing ‘the next right thing’ whatever that was.

Here I am over 6 years recovered: the wonder, fulfillment, peace and outright FUN (which I never dreamed I’d have again) continues to defy description. As oddly as it sounds, I wouldn’t trade what I went through for anything…as it has led me to depth of Life and experience of Being that I’ve come to realize couldn’t have arisen in any other way, for me at least. Now, what I do is simply share my experience in hopes of inspiring others who are truly ready for change, and play a part in creating a new opportunity at Life for those who are willing to do the hard work of recovery. If I can do it, so can you. The message I bring is one of hope and transformation, and within a very unique program.

Oh yeah…in my former life I went to a well-known Omaha high school, graduated from UNL and got an MBA from a pretty reputable University in Chicago. I worked for an international company for a couple years before settling into a ‘successful’ (whatever that means) career in the local business community. I have the best family and friends in the galaxy, and above all, two amazing kids (I still lie a lot). My life has been filled with fantastic failures and humbling successes all along the way, which continue to this day.

Jeremy Miller

Jeremy Miller

Peer Recovery Support Specialist/National Spokesperson

You may remember Jeremy as Ben Seaver from the hit show Growing Pains (80’s’s and early 90’s). After struggling for about 15 years with alcohol, and trying every imaginable treatment program to get sober, his mom just happens to stumble on the BioCorRx program. Highly skeptical, but desperate, Jeremy had the implant and went through the entire recovery program. That was back in 2011, and he has been sober, HAPPILY sober, ever since.

Having been given the “Gift of Recovery” Jeremy is now an advocate and national spokesman for our program. More importantly though, as he will tell you, is his commitment to helping those who are serious about recovery. As a Peer Recovery Support Specialist for IGotSober Recovery Center, Jeremy works with a number of our clients throughout their 12-month program.

**pictured here at our Center in October ’17

Hallie DeLory

Hallie DeLory

Peer Recovery Support Specialist

Hallie is a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Interventionist, and Peer Recovery Support Specialist for BioCorRx/igotsober Recovery Center.

She has been a drug and alcohol counselor, case manager, interventionist, and sober companion for 28 years. She discovered personal recovery in her early twenties. Hallie works with a diverse set of clients and is passionate about helping others find their path in sobriety.

She takes a client-centered approach to every case, fostering deep connections with her clients and their families, and investing herself fully in their success. As part of this approach, she meets clients at their current level of functioning and helps them to rediscover the joy of living a healthy and happy life. Through her many years of experience in recovery, Hallie models appropriate sober behavior and is a great power of example.

Chris B

Chris B.

Peer Recovery Specialist

Having years of addiction recovery and the ability to motivate others on their individual paths, Chris’s current role working as a certified Peer Support Specialist provides mentoring, modeling and motivation when speaking one-on-one with our patients. His addiction history helps him approach hard-to-reach individuals from a unique perspective and they trust him knowing he has ‘been there’ himself.

Chris incorporates mindfulness with a strength-based, person-centered approach to help our patients reach their goals not just “in recovery” but in life. He believes that people can make lasting-changes to their lives given the proper conditions and support. He is open to, and driven by, each patient’s stated goals as they work our recovery program, understanding that every journey to recovery is unique.

Medical Team

Dr. George Fallieras

Dr. George Fallieras, M.D.

National Medical Director, BioCorRx Recovery Program

Dr. George N. Fallieras comes from a family of physicians. Dr. Fallieras grew up in Tampa, Florida, and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Florida. He obtained his M.D. from the University of Tennessee, and did his residency training in New Orleans at the Tulane Health Science Center/Charity Hospital. Dr. Fallieras is double board certified in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. He has extensive emergency room, hospital inpatient, ICU, inpatient and outpatient detoxification, and outpatient recovery experience. He has served as the Medical Director for multiple large Inpatient Hospitalist programs. Dr. Fallieras has served as expert commentary on multiple news, television, and radio outlets.

Dr. Fallieras has always taken a keen interest in addiction medicine, in particular alcohol and opiate abuse. He has provided care to countless alcoholic and addicted patients in the acute hospital setting. He has seen innumerable cases of suffering individuals literally drinking themselves to death. With dread, he has made those difficult calls to parents notifying them of their child’s overdose and death. He has witnessed the profound physical and emotional burden that alcohol and drug abuse inflicts upon the individual and their families. He has seen the disappointment and shame in the eyes of very good and determined individuals who desperately want to quit drinking but are held down by the firm grasp of addiction. Like most people, he has first-hand knowledge of family members and loved ones who have endured this common struggle.

As a medical director for BioCorRx, he has established ethical and effective protocols. He believes addiction is a chronic “brain disease” and requires comprehensive treatment including physical and laboratory evaluation, vitamin and nutrient repletion, nutritional support, safe and comfortable detoxification, medications to eliminate or reduce cravings, psychological attention, emotional regulation, behavioral modification to identify/address/avoid/extinguish triggers, and long-term attention and surveillance (group setting and support most effective).


Dawn Maxwell

Dawn Maxwell

Director of Counseling, BioCorRx Recovery Program

Heading a team of addiction experts with decades of experience, Dawn helped develop the BioCorRx 35-Point Recovery Program. She incorporated the very best of inpatient counseling protocols and 12-step recovery with a cutting-edge, comprehensive and evidence-based outpatient treatment program that specifically targets Alcohol Use Disorder and Opioid Use Disorder.

As a key partner with BioCorRx, she was responsible for tailoring the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) components to work in lock-step with the Naltrexone-treated mind during the early months of recovery. The result has been a world-class treatment program that is being used in roughly 40 recovery centers across the United States.

Dawn is a member of American Psychological Association Divisions (APA) 46 & 50; American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC); American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM); California Association of Alcohol/Drug Educators (CAADE); Christian Women in Media Association (CWIMA); and Women’s Association of Addiction Treatment (WAAT). She has the following professional designations: Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor (CATC IV); Certified Professional Coach (CPC); Certified Recovery Coach (CRC); and Medication-Assisted Treatment Counselor (MATC).

Bruce Hugunin

Bruce Hugunin

LIMHP, LADC Executive Director, Full-Time Therapist

Bruce graduated with an MA from the University of Kansas and a BA from Buena Vista College.  Prior to starting A Better Way Therapy, Bruce was a Director for outpatient services at a behavioral health company in Omaha and also worked for Boys Town and Alegent Health Hospital.

Bruce works with all types of clients building clients’ strengths via in-home and in-office therapy. His major areas of focus include alcohol and drug abuse; anger management; and marriage counseling. In addition he and his team work with clients in ADHD; anxiety; behavioral issues; Bipolar Disorder; Borderline Personality; coping skills; depression; divorce; Dual Diagnosis; emotional disturbance; family conflict; grief; Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD); Oppositional Defiance; peer relationships; relationship issues; self esteem; trauma and PTSD; mental health; Impulse Control Disorders; Mood Disorders; Personality Disorders; psychosis; and Thinking Disorders.

Sergio Palomo

Sergio Palomo

LIMHP, Full-Time Therapist

Sergio received a Masters of Science in Counseling from University of Nebraska at Omaha. He has worked at several mental health agencies in the Omaha area, including Boys Town, National Research Hospital, and Monroe-Myer Institute.

Sergio works with clients via in-office and in-home therapy. His focus and expertise are addiction; alcohol abuse; drug abuse; Behaviors Disorders in pediatric, adolescent children and adults; developmentally disabled; ADHD; Anxiety Disorders; Conduct Disorders; Mood Disorders; parenting issues; Adjustment Disorders; depression; anxiety; Personality Disorders; crisis management; anxiety; ADHD; anger management; behavioral issues; co-dependency; coping skills; depression; divorce; domestic abuse; Dual Diagnosis; emotional disturbance; family conflict; grief; life coaching; Oppositional Defiance; parenting, self esteem; school issues; self harming; sexual abuse; teen violence; trauma and PTSD; and marriage and couple counseling. He will soon be approved to do CD evaluations.

Kara Abbott

Kara Abbott

MS PLMHP, PLADC, Full-Time Therapist

Kara graduated from Bellevue University in Clinical Counseling with a Master’s of Science. She worked as a probation officer and as a social worker prior to becoming a therapist.

Practicing in-office and in-home therapy, Kara’s specialties and expertise include: addictions; alcohol abuse; drug abuse; substance abuse; internet addiction; Thinking Disorders; marital or couples counseling; ADHD; Adjustment Disorders; Adoption/Attachment Issues; anger management; Bipolar Disorders; Anxiety Disorders; Behavior Disorders; child abuse; coping skills; co-dependency; Eating Disorders; family therapy; grief counseling; learning disabilities; major depression; Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD); Panic Disorders, parenting issues; separation/divorce; sexual abuse; domestic abuse; domestic violence; Dual Diagnosis; emotional disturbance; life coaching; Oppositional Defiance; peer relationships; pregnancy, prenatal and postpartum; school issues; self esteem; self harming; Sleep Disorders, suicidal ideation; trauma and PTSD; Personality Disorder; and stress management.

Lonnie Dinneen

Lonnie Dinneen

Full-Time Therapist

Lonnie has been a dually licensed therapist in the state of Nebraska (mental health & substance abuse) for over 20 years. He is Nationally Certified by NBCC, and works from a cognitive/behavioral model, as well as within a spiritually oriented framework.

Lonnie works with individuals, couples, families and adolescents to assist them in living a life full of meaning. His specialties include: addiction; substance abuse; alcohol abuse; drug abuse; alcohol and drug education class; chronic relapse; relationship issues; victim impact; anger management; behavioral issues; career counseling; depression; divorce; domestic abuse; Dual Diagnosis; family conflict; self esteem; spirituality; and trauma and PTSD.

Jennifer IGotSober

Jennifer Francke

LIMHP, LPC, LADC, Therapist/Psychiatrist

Jennifer holds a Master of Science in Clinical Counseling from Bellevue University, and is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, as well as a licensed independent mental health practitioner in Nebraska. In addition she’s a certified Clinical Trauma Professional, is trained in EMDR therapy and is a trained yoga teacher.

Jennifer works with clients in addiction/substance abuse, co-dependency, anger management, anxiety/panic, bi-polar disorder, depression, grief or loss, PTSD/trauma, self-esteem, social anxiety, LGBT issues, divorce, relationship problems, suicidal thoughts, and stress overload and stress management.

Field and Office Team

Justin Druskis

Justin Druskis

Director Of Medical And Business Outreach

Justin graduated from Hawaii Pacific University, earning both a Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He is a native of Omaha, and like most, a devoted Husker fan.
While in Hawaii, he had the pleasure of working as a scuba diving instructor, working with thousands of people from around the globe. In his time there he became keenly aware of the devastation addiction was causing all around him, and turned his interest toward learning more about the needs of those struggling with addiction from alcohol and drugs.

Coming back to Omaha he saw the need is no different here, as several people close to him had become deeply affected and were in dire need of help. This became a calling of sorts for Justin, and he decided he could make a difference by getting involved on a first-hand basis. Early in 2017 Justin became the Director of Medical and Business Outreach, actively working in the Omaha professional community to expand the awareness of the Igotsober Recovery Program, and how recovery can be the opportunity of a lifetime for those truly ready and willing to end the madness of addiction.

Angie Allison

Angie Allison

Director Of Marketing And Communications

Angie is Director of Marketing and Communications for Igotsober Recovery Center. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from UNL with an emphasis in Advertising and Public Relations.

She worked in Dallas and San Francisco in executive roles in advertising, design, business development, and account management for national clients in the entertainment, food, beverage, and hi-tech arenas. In addition, she was a partner in a commercial art representation firm with a national client base, and most recently a Master Certified etiquette trainer in personal and business development in San Francisco and Sacramento.

Over the years, Angie has supported first-hand family and friends with a variety of addiction issues. She recognizes that addiction touches almost everyone, has no social or economic boundaries, and should be talked about more in society not as a stigma, but as a disease that needs help. Her mission at Igotsober is to message this to our communities and to underscore that for those who are ready, Igotsober Recovery Center is the path to Recovery for life.

rebel dog IGotSober


Director of Good Vibrations, Office Mascot

Plucked from a rural Mississippi farm in 2014, Rebel faced his own issues early on in life (namely separation anxiety), and for several long hours. But as fortune would have it, he soon got honest with himself and surrendered to his true nature of unconditional love and play, discovering that living in the present moment was the key to peace, happiness and serenity.

The years since his relocation to Omaha have not been without challenge though, as he has developed a growing dependence on Bully Sticks. Some may even say an all-out addiction. But, as soon as someone arrives for a visit to the office, they get his full attention and his vice is quickly forgotten. Once all intruders are cleared by his rigorous 60 second inspection, Rebel never fails to remind everyone present of all that is good and pure in life… simply by laying around, being comfortable with himself, and not trying to prove anything to anybody…is there a lesson here?